There are many opportunities for volunteering with the Campustown Action Association! Opportunities include our monthly Make Campustown Shine program, volunteer committees committed to enhancing the customer experience in Campustown, and our annual events – Summerfest, Movie Night in Campustown and Crafts & Draughts.

Make Campustown Shine

The Campustown business district is proud to serve both the students of Iowa State University and residents of Ames.  Over 100 businesses and organizations are based out of our district, which stretches from Ash Avenue on the east to Sheldon Avenue to the west and from Lincoln Way south to Knapp Street. Campustown experiences a lot of foot traffic, which helps keep the neighborhood vibrant, but can also lead to problems with littering.  That is where volunteers come in.

Make Campustown Shine, presented by The Fighting Burrito, was organized by the Campustown Action Association as a monthly program to make our district attractive and welcoming for our customers.  Whether your organization is looking for community service opportunities, team building exercises or you are interesting in volunteering with other organizations in our community, our Make Campustown Shine program is for you.  We provide the cleaning products, we just need you to provide the volunteers!

If you are interested in participating, please email director@amescampustown.com and include the date your organization would like to volunteer and the approximate number of volunteers you may be bringing. The clean-up usually takes 2-3 hours, depending on how many volunteers we have each month.



Thank you for considering Campustown as an opportunity for community involvement !

For more information regarding upcoming volunteer opportunities, please contact the CAA office.

119 Stanton Ave. #602
Ames, IA 50014