Campustown is currently under construction, which includes both new development and improvements to existing buildings. The Campustown Action Association recognizes the importance of both in the growth of Campustown. We strive to encourage a mix of unique businesses to support the culture and atmosphere of Campustown. On this page you will find information on previous and current projects in the area.





Construction crew for The Cranford Building puts its final touches on the Lincoln Way side of Jeff’s Pizza in November 2015. Awarded the 2015 Façade Grant from the City of Ames, the money spent on improvements has made a major impact on this block.






West Street Deli also was awarded money from the 2015 Façade Grant. Both properties show the wide variety in improvements made with a bit of investment. The Cranford Building focused on historical preservation and West Street Deli maintain their style as a quaint, neighborhood deli.





The Kingland Building at Lincoln Way and Welch Avenue stands as a modern example of the culture juxtaposition of campus-preferred brick classic motifs and glass and metal architecture of the late 20th century.





As part of the Five Year Strategic Plan for Campustown, Campustown Action Association (CAA) encourages development in our business district. As our Board discussed how to work with development projects requesting tax incentives, CAA composed the following list of priorities to encourage redevelopment that follows the mission and vision of Campustown Action Association and maintains the character of the district. Each priority will be weighed separately and no project needs to accomplish all ten goals in order to have the support of the CAA.

1. The proposed project will add a missing service to the mix of businesses currently offered in Campustown.

2. The proposed project will improve the aesthetics of the business district while maintaining the current scale and feel of the district as a whole

3. The proposed project will preserve structures of historic significance to the district.

4. The proposed project will include incentives to retain small, unique businesses to retain the distinctive shopping experience of the district

5. The proposed project will include a percentage of rentable ground floor commercial space at lower market rates for local, independent businesses

6. The proposed project will include high-density uses in penetrable retail street-level spaces

7. The proposed project will enhance the cultural experience in Campustown

8. The proposed project will include spaces for university students/faculty/staff with the opportunity for different university departments to interact off campus.

9.  The proposed project will include considerations for parking capacities in Campustown

10. The proposed project will consider reimbursement of depreciated leasehold improvement values to displaced tenants.


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Campustown Facade Grant Program


2412-2430 Lincoln Way

Owner: Kingland Systems, purchase also includes 114 Welch Ave


CAA position and City of Ames staff report to City Council, August 27, 2013 CLICK HERE

City of Ames staff report to City Council, November 12, 2013 CLICK HERE

Kingland Systems has provided information on their website.  For further information, please visit

Pedestrian detour information CLICK HERE 

New Business Announced! CVS/pharmacy will be the anchor tenant in the new building CLICK HERE


2300 Lincoln Way

Owner: The Opus Group


Council Action Form, Ames City Council, April 22, 2014 CLICK HERE

Ames Tribune Article, May 1, 2014 Campustown project brings more housing, retail space

Construction information by The Opus Group CLICK HERE

Ames Tribune Article, May 24, 2015 Starbucks, student apparel store opening in Campustown

Chamberlain Street

Owner: Gilbane, Inc


Construction information:

The Edge leasing information: 

2320 Lincoln Way

Owner: Gilbane, Inc


Construction Information Website:

23 Twenty Lincoln Info:

Ames Tribune article “Developer Unveils Campustown Apartment Plans”

2520 Chamberlain Street

Owner: Randall Corporation

Council Action Form, Ames City Council, November 12, 2013 CLICK HERE

Finesse Spa Announces they are moving to Campustown CLICK HERE