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CAA Committees

Campustown Action Association (CAA) is supported by three volunteer committees working to make Campustown a great experience for all.  If you are interested in becoming involved, consider joining one of the following committees:

Promotions Committee  Kaitlin Sandine, Chair
Meets the 2nd Thursday of Every Month at 4pm
Welch Ave. Station – 207 Welch Ave.

* Plan and execute annual Crafts & Draughts event
* Plan and execute annual SummerFest event
* Plan and execute annual Movie Night in Campustown
* Develop promotional materials and events to drive traffic to Campustown

Business Improvement Committee
 – Anne Taylor, Chair
Meets the 4th Thursday of Every Month at 4pm
CAA Office, 119 Stanton Ave. # 602

* Work with City of Ames officials to facilitate city façade program
* Work with ISU and City of Ames officials to promote positive relationships between three entities
* Look for sustaining and potential funding sources for CAA

Community Outreach Committee – Xena Jolly, Chair
Meets the 2nd Tuesday of Every Month at 12pm
CAA Office, 119 Stanton Ave. #602

* Identify and recruit member businesses who are willing to work toward achieving the vision and mission of CAA
* Connect with current and future members to ensure responsiveness of CAA to needs and ideas
* Oversee ‘Make Campustown Shine’ program

For more information, please contact CAA director Karin Chitty at or call 515-292-4528.