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Business Strategy

Business Strategy

CAA recognizes the role Campustown plays as a primary commercial district serving Iowa State University and aspires to a leadership role in defining local quality of life and community betterment.  CAA is the primary source for information about Campustown.  CAA strives for visionary leadership, a broad base of volunteers, a reputation for integrity and accountability, and growing financial support.  CAA fosters an appreciation for the traditions associated with Campustown history.

The following is a list of business types that Campustown Action Association would encourage property owners and real estate agents in Ames to lease to in new construction in the district as well as current properties in the district as they become vacant. CAA sees its’ role as one that seeks to create and foster a vibrant Campustown that is a destination district providing a broad array of options to all community members that cannot be found anywhere else. Due to our knowledge of the area and the customers who are likely to spend their time and money in the district, we believe that these types of business would be most successful and would be visited by the largest number of customers.

1. Unique Local Businesses

  • Specialty retail
  • Boutiques

2. Restaurants

  • Sports Bars
  • At least one 80+ seat restaurant
  • Cafes
  • Wide variety of ethnic food options
  • An upscale option
  • Breakfast options

3. Services

  • Drugstores
  • Grocery Store/Organic Foods
  • Basic Necessities

4.  Theater/Performance Space

  • Live music venues

5. Businesses Catering to Students

It is important to the CAA Business Improvement Committee, on behalf of the CAA Board of Directors and Campustown businesses, that new retail compliments what is currently in the district, as well as promotes new interest in the district with services that aren’t currently represented. As more student housing is constructed in Campustown, it is important to recruit businesses that cater to a more 24 hour lifestyle.