About Us

The Campustown Action Association (CAA) is made up of Ames and ISU community members who seek to improve and promote all that is Campustown.  We are passionate about the students, the residents, the businesses, the culture, and the overall atmosphere that makes Campustown such a unique and energetic place. We are business owners, active community members, students, faculty, property owners, and just people who love the area.

CAA serves as a catalyst for private and public partnerships in Ames Campustown area and works with the City of Ames and Iowa State University to foster economic, cultural, aesthetic, and social progress to ensure that Campustown is a place that will inspire a sense of pride in everyone.

Email the CAA Board at board@amescampustown.com


CAA Board of Directors

Scott Wannarka, President, 1RKA LLC


Mark Rowe-Barth, Iowa State University Representative & President Elect, ISU Director of Student Wellness


Kathy Dubansky, Past President, Workiva


Mike Adams
Mike Adams, At-Large Representative, Welch Ave Station


Kelsey Bolte-Carper, Community Representative, Campus Cycle


Julie Gould, City Representative, City of Ames-Planning Department


Amy Howard, Ames Chamber of Commerce Representative, VP Finance & Operations


Xena Jolly, Community Outreach Chair, Copyworks


Amy Mellies, At-Large Representative, Christian Formation


Kaitlin Sandine, Promotions Chair, Kingland Systems


Anne Taylor, Business Improvement Chair, Dogtown University


Diane Welter, At-Large Representative, Campustown Spirit