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New Beds


Parking Spaces

Welcome to Campustown

Since 2010, Campustown Action Association has made Campustown the business destination in Ames! Living space in the District has grown exponentially with $120+ million invested in new buildings over the past couple of years. On-going redevelopment continues to improve the Campustown infrastructure with new retail space. For over 100 years, Ames Campustown has been the #1 choice of Iowa State University students and staff for goods and services.

Make Campustown Shine

MCS is held monthly April-November with groups donating their time to help clean up litter and cigarette butts
Presented by The Fighting Burrito

Campustown Facade Grant

The Campustown Facade Grant program improves the exterior facades of our district

Campustown Summerfest

An annual celebration of Campustown held in early June each year brings music and activities together for Ames residents

Campustown Events

CAA helps organize events ranging from Movie Night to Crafts & Draughts

Redevelopment Projects

Major redevelopment projects in Campustown with millions of dollars being invested into the District


Strong partnerships with the City of Ames and Iowa State University allow CAA to be dedicated to Campustown businesses and issues